Infralogs.gif (3936 bytes)Insight Technical Services recognizes the critical link between quality thermography for its customers and well-trained, experienced thermographic technicians. Consequently, all of ITS’s personnel are Levels I, II, and III certified by the only independent certification organization in the United States, the Infraspection Institute. The extensive training that these certification levels represent separate ITS from most all of its competitors. 
There are three levels of certification possible. Here is what each represents…
Level I (Qualitative/Applications) Identify and document heat patterns of problems caused by improper design, workmanship or material failure. Learn how to design and implement a program that integrates infrared with other predictive technologies such as
  • vibration analysis,
  • oil analysis,
  • ultrasonics, and
  • motor current signature analysis
Level II (Quantitative/Temperature Measurement) Advanced infrared theory , formulae and error corrections needed to accurately measure the temperatures of heat-related problems. Thermographic technicians learn to anticipate…
  • equipment failures,
  • determine repair priorities, and
  • ensure safety
Level III (Program Management)   Information and skills necessary to set-up and manage a successful professional infrared program that supports ompanies’…
  • certification,
  • documentation needs,
  • safety needs, and
  • regulatory requirements
The Infraspection Institute publishes Guidelines for specifying and performing infrared inspections. They contain databases for temperature criteria traceable to nationally-recognized standards organizations such as IEEE, ANSI and NEMA. As of 1997, most of these standards have been converted to ASTM standards.