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Why Insight Technical Services?

man_camera. We are a preventive maintenance service that uses state-of-the-art infrared thermographic equipment for detecting electrical malfunctions and other defects before they become a problem for your company. Our goal is to keep your company in operation by identifying potential problems before they cause unwanted shutdowns.

Our services are the answer to production and power systems reliability. Our staff is fully certified Level III Infrared Thermographers. This guarantees you the best, most detailed inspections and reports, which add up to the best and most efficient operation of your facility.

ITS thermographic inspections involve the use of infrared imaging equipment to provide specific thermal information and related documentation about a structure, system, object or process. Our purpose is to identify and document exceptions in your facility’s electrical and/or mechanical systems. Exceptions involve abnormally warm or cool connector, conductor or components that may be a potential problem for your company.

In electrical systems, exceptions are usually caused by loose or deteriorated connections; short circuits; overloads; load imbalances; or faulty, mismatched or improperly installed components.

In mechanical systems, exceptions are usually caused by friction due to improper lubrication, misalignment, worn components, or mechanical loading anomalies.

In insulation systems, exceptions are usually caused by missing or deteriorated materials, improper installation, or insufficient amounts of material.